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The Novice and The Nerd, Episode 25: The Price is Right & The Great Resignation


Episode 025: The Price is Right & The Great Resignation

June 30, 2021

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, we answer listener questions, discuss “The Price is Right”, and look at reasons for the “Great Resignation” happening while the economy starts to heal.


Resources Mentioned:

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“Calculating the Value of Career Change” Whitepaper

Managing your money later in life – Why equity release might be an option that works for you

Why Are People Getting Worse at “The Price Is Right”?

Tight Labor Market Returns the Upper Hand to American Workers

Many people don’t want to work unless it’s from home

Americans aren’t just quitting—they are retiring at record rates, too

The Novice and The Nerd Podcast: Pensions



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