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The Novice and The Nerd Podcast

If you’re looking to better navigate your financial life, this podcast is for you!

Join Laura Bard and Derek Amey from StrategicPoint Investment Advisors
(AKA, the “novice” and the “nerd”), where two 40-somethings in the financial services industry
discuss every day financial topics. Our podcast helps you make sense of your finances and
gives you actionable steps to keep your financial life on track.

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Episode List:

Episode 54: Commercial Real Estate

On this episode, Derek examines the current state of the commercial real estate market and how fears of changing work habits are large office buildings across the US.

Episode 53: Used Cars and Maturing Leases

On this episode, we discuss the Novice’s realization that her new, “used” car payment may be just a little more expensive than she was planning for.  Separately, Derek discusses how maturing 2020 leases may put owners in an advantageous position at the time the contracts mature.

Episode 52: Current State of the US Housing Market

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, Derek and Laura discuss the current state of the housing market and the dramatic differences Derek sees between now and 2008.

Episode 51: Silicon Valley Bank Failure

On this episode of Novice and the nerd, Laura and Derek do a postmortem on the Silicon Valley Bank failure and how some of their issues could impact local banks in our area.

Episode 50: Buybacks

On this episode, Derek explains what stock buybacks are, why companies are issuing them, and why they can be so polarizing.

Episode 49: The Debt Ceiling 2023

With the US hitting the debt ceiling again in January 2023, Derek and Laura discuss its potential impact on markets and the economy.

Episode 48: SECURE Act 2.0

Derek and Laura drill into Secure Act 2.0 to see how it impacts your retirement plan for topics like Required Minimum Distributions, ROTH IRA’s, company 401k matches and much more.

Episode 47: FTX and the 2023 Tax Landscape

Derek and Laura discuss the FTX bankruptcy and then changes to taxes and retirement savings for 2023!

Episode 46: The Bond Market in 2022

The bond market has had a rough year- Derek and Laura cover the basics of bond investing & why 2022 has been so challenging for bond investors.

Episode 45: Breaking CDs and Potential Natural Gas Shortages

Do you have CDs? Derek and Laura discuss why you may want to consider breaking them. Additionally, they talk about why all of us in New England might be sitting in the dark this winter, thanks to WW1 and Russia.

Episode 44: Stagflation

On this episode we discuss what Stagflation is, why some are worried about it and what can be done.

Episode 43: Indexed Universal Life Policies

Derek and Laura invite another “nerd” and fellow advisor Kristina Mello to talk about different insurance policies and answer a listener’s question!

Episode 42: 9 Signs of Inflation

There’s more to measuring inflation than just the monthly press release. Our episode today breaks down some other commonly used data to see what the trends in inflation show.

Episode 41: iBonds, Bitcoin in Your 401(k), and SECURE Act 2.0

Have you been hearing about “government bonds” offering a higher return lately? Derek explains what iBonds are and what investing in them looks like. We also discuss Bitcoin potentially being offered in 401(k) plans and an update on the SECURE Act 2.0 and what that could mean for Required Minimum distributions.

Episode 40: The Fed, The Markets and The Economy, Oh My!

After the Fed raised rates by 0.5%, Derek and Laura discuss the recent market moves, and our nerd explains the lack of control investors can have in both the stock and bond markets.

Episode 39: The Fear Index, The Fed and Gas Prices

In this episode the Novice and the Nerd discuss the VIX index, the Fed raising rates and if high gas prices are here to stay

Episode 38: Women and Financial Planning

In this episode, Laura and (guest “nerd”) Kristina Mello use the timing of Women’s History Month to focus on the unique financial challenges women can face, along with highlighting the importance of financial planning.

Episode 37: How the Ukrainian Invasion Could Affect the Fed, the Economy and the Markets

This episode covers the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how it could potentially impact the US economy, the market and monetary policy.

Episode 36: Can You Save Your Way to One Million?

Can you reach one million in your retirement account by simply saving? Derek breaks down how to accomplish this feat, and he also shares his personal story of what it’s like to buy a car in 2022!

Episode 35: Inflation & Capital Gains

This episode covers a brief overview of capital gains taxes and how they affect investment properties, as well as a discussion on the Fed and the expectations for the pace of rate hikes in 2022 and beyond.

Episode 34: Tips For Helping Your Kids Invest

If you’re interested in learning how to help your kids start investing, our Nerd breaks down different options, including 529 plans, ROTH IRAs, and UGMA/UTMA accounts.

Episode 33: Omicron, DAO & WuTang

In this episode we discuss the Omicron variant and how it’s affecting the markets, as well as DAOs – a new acronym that our Novice learned about with the help of the WuTang Clan!

Episode 32: Where Did All The Workers Go?

Everywhere you look seems to have “help wanted” ads, so on this episode the Novice and The Nerd, we discuss where all the workers could be.

Episode 31: HSAs

Explaining another popular acronym, Derek discusses HSAs and how they could be used for purposes of maximizing your retirement savings.

Episode 30: Debt Ceiling

In this episode we discuss a brief history of the debt ceiling, why it’s self-inflicted chaos, and one crazy idea being discussed to solve it forever called Mint The Coin!

Episode 29: Qualified Charitable Distributions

Have you heard the acronym “QCD”? Derek explains what qualified charitable distributions are and describes how retirees could potentially lower their tax exposure by using these strategically.

Episode 28: Is Social Security about to run out of money?

A new report released recently included some disappointing news about the state of Social Security. On this episode we discuss when it could happen, how it can affect your retirement projections and how the government could step in.

Episode 27: Is it STILL time to refinance?

Haven’t refinanced yet? The Nerd discusses why he’s refinancing for 2nd time in 18 months and why you might want to hurry up!

Episode 26: Child Tax Credits, Why Companies Go Public & AMC Stock

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, we discuss the child tax credit changes, explain why companies decide to go public, and look at AMC stock (yes, the movie theater) and why its so volatile.

Episode 25: The Price is Right & The Great Resignation

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, we answer listener questions, discuss The Price is Right, and look at reasons for the “great resignation” happening while the economy starts to heal.

Episode 024: Inflation Part 2

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd we follow up with what inflation could mean for your investments.

Episode 023: Inflation Part 1

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd we cover the basics of inflation, why everyone seems to be talking about it lately, and reasons it may not persist.

Episode 022: Pensions

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd we discuss all aspects of pensions.

Episode 021: Gas Prices

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd we discuss who is really to blame for higher prices at the pump.

Episode 020: Bitcoin

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd we discuss Bitcoin, blockchain technologies and why everyone is talking about them!

Episode 019: GameStop

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, we talk about what exactly is going on with GameStop, what selling short means and how this one stock could be impacting the broader market.

Episode 018: Tesla & Joining the S&P 500

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, we discuss the spike in Christmas tree sales, the potential future of Movie Theaters, and what Tesla joining the S&P 500 means for the stock market.

Episode 017: Modern Monetary Theory

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, Derek explains MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) and how it could be applied to another potential economic shutdown.

Episode 016: Understanding Home Sales in times of Covid

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, we’re discussing one of the bright spots during Covid: housing. We review the reported sales numbers and introduce you to our Financial Planner and Advisor Kristina Mello to help cover the basics of home buying.

Episode 015: How Covid Has Affected Your 401(k)

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, we discuss how Covid-19 could affect saving in your 401(k), including employer match and potential new government rules.

Episode 014: Pensions and Covid

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, we discuss some misconceptions surrounding pensions and how Covid-19 could have affected these types of defined benefit plans.

Episode 013: Budgeting and Home Projects

On this episode of the Novice and The Nerd, we discuss the importance of setting a budget, as well as some home projects many may be considering while home for the summer.

Episode 012:  Explaining Market Capitalization

On this episode of the Novice and The Nerd, we discuss Derek’s latest blog where he explains a worrisome trend emerging with the S&P 500.

Episode 011: Unemployment, Oil and Expensive Market

On this episode of the novice and the nerd, Is the market expensive? Just how high can unemployment go?  Was the price of oil really negative? Tune into this episode to hear Derek and Laura’s takes on these subjects and more!

Episode 010: Questions from our Audience

We’re answering some questions from YOU, the listener! First, how do we make back what we’ve lost, so far, in the markets. Second, how are your 529 plans affected. And third, what’s the Fed doing to help?

Episode 009: Retirement Plans During Current Market Turmoil

This episode of the novice and the nerd will focus on employee-sponsored retirement plans and how to handle these types of accounts in the middle of the current market turmoil.

Episode 008: The CARES Act

This episode of the Novice and the Nerd includes a discussion of the CARES Act, including who will be receiving rebates, changes to unemployment and how RMDs will be affected.

Episode 007: Financial Markets and Coronavirus

On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, we’re talking about the current state of the markets in the midst of the Coronavirus.

Episode 006: Refinancing

While markets are in turmoil there may be a silver lining for homeowners. On this episode of the novice and the nerd, we discuss refinancing in this low interest rate environment.

Episode 005: 1099s and Autonomous Cars

We discuss 1099s, and Derek Amey spooks Laura Bard about the future of autonomous cars.

Episode 004: Why the next Recession may feel worse for investors

We warn investors, especially Gen X’ers, of the affects that a recession could have on their retirement accounts.

Episode 003: Social Security

We’re talking about Social Security- how our Novice (and many other people, we’ve learned) don’t think we will have it when its our turn to retire in 20-30 years. Our Nerd explains HOW the system works and explains some potential solutions to ensuring the Social Security system stays funded for our kids!

Episode 002: Holidays, Spending and Saving

We’re talking about the Holiday season and how your finances are affected by the costs of holiday spending, tipping and the increase of the costs associated with the season.

Episode 001: Welcome to the Novice and the Nerd!

Learn about why we decided to start this podcast and how we plan to help YOU better understand your finances!

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