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What Makes Us Different

StrategicPoint is an independent wealth manager, focused on financial planning and investments.


Taking a Holistic

Our holistic approach integrates your investments with financial planning techniques to help guide you towards financial independence.
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Investing for Your Future

As the financial landscape has grown in complexity, we believe a flexible and tactical approach to investing is necessary to help reach your goals.
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Putting Your 
Interests First

While there are many qualified financial advisors, only advisors held to a fiduciary standard are required to put your interests above all else.
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Featured Blog Posts

Why Evergrande is Worrying the Market

by Derek M. Amey on September 22, 2021

Monday's market meltdown was blamed on Evergrande, a real estate development company in China. Real estate growth in China has long been a hot button issue for investors. It’s been EIGHT YEARS since we saw 60 minutes do a piece...

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The Novice and The Nerd, Episode 28: Is Social Security about to run out of money?

on September 13, 2021

Episode 028: September 9, 2021 A new report released recently included some disappointing news about the state of Social Security. On this episode we discuss when it could happen, how it can affect your retirement projections and how the government...

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The Novice and The Nerd, Episode 27: Is it STILL time to refinance?

on September 2, 2021

Episode 027: September 1, 2021 Haven't refinanced yet? The Nerd discusses why he's refinancing for 2nd time in 18 months and why you might want to hurry up!   TheNoviceAndTheNerd · Is it STILL time to refinance? Resources Mentioned: Survey...

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Restricted Stock Plans & The Impact of Your Choices

by Kristina M. Mello, MBA on June 30, 2021

Stock benefit plans come in a variety of flavors, each requiring thoughtful decision making along the way to maximize the benefits these types of plans can offer. In this blog we explore the challenges these types of plans can present...

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