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What Makes Us Different

StrategicPoint is an independent wealth manager, focused on financial planning and investments.


Taking a Holistic

Our holistic approach integrates your investments with financial planning techniques to help guide you towards financial independence.
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Investing for Your Future

As the financial landscape has grown in complexity, we believe a flexible and tactical approach to investing is necessary to help reach your goals.
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Putting Your 
Interests First

While there are many qualified financial advisors, only advisors held to a fiduciary standard are required to put your interests above all else.
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Featured Blog Posts

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Inflation and Recession

by Betsey A. Purinton, CFP® on June 13, 2022

Humor me while I repeat myself. There are some points worth making more than once. Especially when it comes to inflation, recession, and the stock market. In my May 2, 2022 Blog, What’s Up with Current Market Volatility, I referenced...

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The Novice and The Nerd, Episode 42: 9 Signs of Inflation

on May 31, 2022

May 31, 2022 There's more to measuring inflation than just the monthly press release. Our episode today breaks down some other commonly used data to see what the trends in inflation show.   Resources Mentioned: Where Is Inflation Headed? Nine...

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The Novice and The Nerd, Episode 41: iBonds, Bitcoin in Your 401(k), and SECURE Act 2.0

on May 16, 2022

May 16, 2022 Have you been hearing about “government bonds” offering a higher return lately? Derek explains what iBonds are and what investing in them looks like. We also discuss Bitcoin potentially being offered in 401(k) plans and an update...

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