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The Novice and The Nerd Podcast

If you’re looking to better navigate your financial life, this podcast is for you!

Join Laura Bard and Derek Amey from StrategicPoint Investment Advisors
(AKA, the “novice” and the “nerd”), where two 40-somethings in the financial services industry
discuss every day financial topics. Our podcast helps you make sense of your finances and
gives you actionable steps to keep your financial life on track.

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Episode List:

Episode 001: Welcome to the Novice and the Nerd!
Learn about why we decided to start this podcast and how we plan to help YOU better understand your finances!

Episode 002: Holidays, Spending and Saving
We’re talking about the Holiday season and how your finances are affected by the costs of holiday spending, tipping and the increase of the costs associated with the season.

Episode 003: Social Security
We’re talking about Social Security- how our Novice (and many other people, we’ve learned) don’t think we will have it when its our turn to retire in 20-30 years. Our Nerd explains HOW the system works and explains some potential solutions to ensuring the Social Security system stays funded for our kids!

Episode 004: Why the next Recession may feel worse for investors
We warn investors, especially Gen X’ers, of the affects that a recession could have on their retirement accounts.

Episode 005: 1099s and Autonomous Cars
We discuss 1099s, and Derek Amey spooks Laura Bard about the future of autonomous cars.

Episode 006: Refinancing
While markets are in turmoil there may be a silver lining for homeowners. On this episode of the novice and the nerd, we discuss refinancing in this low interest rate environment.

Episode 007: Financial Markets and Coronavirus
On this episode of the Novice and the Nerd, we’re talking about the current state of the markets in the midst of the Coronavirus.

Episode 008: The CARES Act
This episode of the Novice and the Nerd includes a discussion of the CARES Act, including who will be receiving rebates, changes to unemployment and how RMDs will be affected.

Episode 009: Retirement Plans During Current Market Turmoil
This episode of the novice and the nerd will focus on employee-sponsored retirement plans and how to handle these types of accounts in the middle of the current market turmoil.


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