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What Makes Us Different

Taking a Holistic Approach


Your financial life isn’t confined to your investments. Many of life’s decisions and milestones demand financial attention. That is why we take a holistic approach when we help you plan and prepare for the future.

Our all-inclusive methodology integrates investments with financial planning techniques to help guide you towards financial independence. Whether we are discussing a house purchase, college costs, a career change, the timing of retirement or the best way to establish a legacy, we examine all aspects of your financial life. Our goal is to develop for you a long term plan that can be reliably monitored and readily adjusted to respond to changing needs.

We appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to develop long-lasting relationships. As lifetime partners with you, we want to share in your financial triumphs as well as help you negotiate the unexpected challenges. Together we aspire to keep you on track to achieve your most desired goals.

Investing For Your Future


StrategicPoint’s disciplined investment philosophy is built upon the belief that those who limit losses by effectively managing risk are more likely to achieve their long term goals.

Our in-house investment team begins by building diversified portfolios based on your goals for investing. We believe that as the financial landscape has grown in complexity, a diversified portfolio is not enough—a flexible and tactical approach to investing is now necessary to manage investment risks. Our tactical approach involves ongoing economic and market analysis that allows us to make investment changes based on our current outlook.

As our confidence in markets and the economy improves, we can increase the allocation to equities in our portfolios. Conversely, as our confidence begins to wane, our tactical investing process allows us to reduce our allocation to riskier assets. We believe that this pro-active approach to investing can help manage the risks in our clients’ portfolios and help improve their ability to reach their investment objectives.

*All investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal, and there can be no guarantee that any investing strategy will be successful. 

Putting Your Interests First


Investment Advisors who choose the fiduciary standard are required to:
  • act in your best interest
  • consider your entire financial picture
  • provide explanation of how they get paid

While there are many qualified advisors in the financial services field, only advisors held to a fiduciary standard are required to act in your best interest.

In acting in your best interest, a fiduciary advisor may consider your entire financial picture.   The fiduciary process includes working with you to define your goals, gathering your financial data, listening to your concerns and developing wealth management strategies and steps that can best help you achieve your goals. In addition, many fiduciaries offer an easy-to-understand explanation of how they get paid.

Advisors adhering to the fiduciary standard have a responsibility to act in your best interest.  As a fiduciary, StrategicPoint has a legal obligation to exercise full disclosure and be transparent.  At every step of the wealth management process we develop strategies and clearly articulate recommendations on what is most advantageous to you.


How Much Do I Need to Retire?

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