Laura J. Bard

Director of Client Experience and Strategy

Laura Bard serves as Director of Client Experience & Strategy, as well as Marketing Manager for StrategicPoint Investment Advisors. In these roles, she is responsible for all ongoing marketing efforts and campaigns for the firm, as well as ensuring an exceptional client experience. Her new role as Director of Client Experience & Strategy is a first for StrategicPoint and reflects its commitment to delivering excellence for its clients.

Laura regularly collaborates with the management team to support StrategicPoint and its business development objectives. She oversees StrategicPoint’s branding, public relations, advertising, website development and communications, as well as sponsorships and events for the firm.

Laura joined StrategicPoint in 2003 while producing StrategicPoint’s Making Money radio show on WHJJ-920AM. She joins Partner and Co-CIO Derek Amey as co-host and resident Novice of StrategicPoint’s podcast, The Novice and The Nerd. Laura graduated from Marist College with a B.A. in Communications, and lives in northern Rhode Island with her husband and two daughters.