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Sustainable Investing Services

More and more individuals are seeking to integrate their personal values with their approach to investing, as evidenced by the increasing popularity of sustainable investing.

StrategicPoint is pleased to present a solution to investors who desire a balance between values and investment goals.

StrategicPoint's Sustainable Investing Portfolios

Socially conscious investing is not new.
What is new is the improved viability of incorporating environmental,
social and governance factors into a traditional fundamental approach to investing.

Larger fund choices, greater corporate transparency and reporting,
enhanced metrics and lower costs all combine to enable StrategicPoint
to offer sustainable investing portfolios to complement our traditional
asset allocation investment approach.

  • Choice of four sustainable investing portfolio models: Aggressive Growth, Growth, Balanced & Conservative
  • Use of Morningstar’s Sustainable Ratings of fund options
  • Focus on ESG integration and positive/negative screening as part of traditional fundamental analysis
  • Concentration on risk and performance measures alongside responsible investment parameters

Examples of ESG Factors, Issues and Risks

Environmental Issues
  • Climate change & carbon emissions
  • Air & water pollution
  • Energy usage & efficiency
  • Waste disposal & management
  • Conservation of natural resources
Social Issues
  • Human rights
  • Consumer protections
  • Gender & diversity policies
  • Labor standards & practices
  • Data protection & privacy
Governance Issues
  • Management & board structure
  • Executive compensation
  • Policies on risk mitigation
  • Disclosures & reporting
  • Lobbying activities

Learn More About Sustainable Investing

Speak with an advisor to learn more about why we feel Sustainable Investing is important