StrategicPoint Investment Advisors’ professional expertise, combined with our digital financial planning platform, helps to address and satisfy your unique financial situation.

Financial planning is a collaborative process that helps maximize your potential for meeting life goals through financial advice that integrates relevant elements of your personal and financial circumstances.

The Benefits of Financial Planning Services

  • Depth of planning options help to provide you with a personalized look at your current financial picture
  • Sound financial strategies and recommendations, regardless of account size or net worth
  • Interactive plan that shows how decisions impact your financial future in a real-time, collaborative planning environment
  • Access to a dedicated advisor for all of your financial questions
  • A working financial plan, which provides specific action steps to help you achieve your goals

Financial Planning Services includes an exploration of a variety of wealth management issues of your choosing.
Below are some examples of what SPIA may offer:

Retirement projections                                          Cash flow and debt analysis
Investment strategy and allocation                     Retirement income planning
Employer stock option evaluation                       College funding
Life insurance assessment                                    Social Security strategy
Pension plan analysis                                             Long-term care insurance options
Estate planning review                                           Life event planning
Real estate review                                                   Wealth transfer strategies
Charitable giving options

The Cost
The fee for our Financial Planning Services is $300/hour. You and your advisor will agree on the number of hours required to complete your plan prior to entering your agreement. If you choose to engage our Investment Management Services within one year, fifty percent (50%) of the paid fee will be credited toward your quarterly investment management fee.

You retain absolute discretion over all implementation decisions and action-steps based on our recommendations. You may utilize any person or professional of your choosing including StrategicPoint or any referral we make. We encourage you to utilize our Financial Planning Services on a regular basis to allow us to review and revise our analysis and recommendations. In addition, we rely on you to keep us informed of any changes to your financial situation, so that our advice can accurately reflect your current circumstances.

Please see our Form ADV Part 2A for more details.


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