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What Makes Us Different

StrategicPoint is an independent wealth manager, focused on financial planning and investments.


Taking a Holistic

Our holistic approach integrates your investments with financial planning techniques to help guide you towards financial independence.
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Investing for Your Future

As the financial landscape has grown in complexity, we believe a flexible and tactical approach to investing is necessary to help reach your goals.
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Putting Your
Interests First

While there are many qualified financial advisors, only advisors held to a fiduciary standard are required to put your interests above all else.
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Featured Blog Posts

Who…..or What is to Blame For the Recent Market Volatility?

by Derek M. Amey on February 6, 2018

The Supreme Court back in 1919 found that while the freedom of speech is protected under the First Amendment, it does not however protect “dangerous speech.” The definition of dangerous speech being purposely vague. An example was provided by Supreme...

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Should I accept less money on the sale of my house with a cash offer?

by Richard J. Anzelone, J.D. on January 29, 2018

Now that real estate is heating up again and inventory is low, more buyers are bidding on houses and some believe offering cash just might give them the inside track. But what if these cash offers are lower than other offers. Is it worth it? It’s a good question and one that needs further exploring. As with many questions such as this, there really isn’t a right...

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Get the Checklist: Organizing Your Finances for the New Year

by Christine H. Canapari, ChFC® on January 10, 2018

New year, new budget! The holidays are over, 2018 has arrived, and we’ve begun a new year to meet your financial goals. Don’t let unexpected expenses derail your plans for the new year. The start of a new year is...

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The Case for Risk Management in 2018

by Betsey A. Purinton, CFP® on January 2, 2018

A friend recently said to me, “Anyone could make money in 2017.” Quite true, allowing for the slight exaggeration on “anyone.” The average equity investor benefitted from significant gains in the markets; The S&P rose 19%. IXUS (iShares Core MSCI...

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