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What Makes Us Different

StrategicPoint is an independent wealth manager, focused on financial planning and investments.


Taking a Holistic

Our holistic approach integrates your investments with financial planning techniques to help guide you towards financial independence.
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Investing for Your Future

As the financial landscape has grown in complexity, we believe a flexible and tactical approach to investing is necessary to help reach your goals.
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Putting Your
Interests First

While there are many qualified financial advisors, only advisors held to a fiduciary standard are required to put your interests above all else.
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Featured Blog Posts

TV Interview: Chrissy Canapari with Frank Coletta from WJAR/Channel 10: Debit or Credit? Which to Use and When?

by Christine H. Canapari, ChFC® on January 5, 2017

Building on our recent blog, Chrissy Canapari spoke with WJAR's Frank Coletta about when you should choose credit over debit for reasons of security.  

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2017 US Equity Market Outlook

by Betsey A. Purinton, CFP® on January 3, 2017

Investors are forever hopeful (why else would we invest?). And the start of a new year often brings outsized optimism.  2017 feels particularly bullish for the equity markets, however, with both investors and businesses cheering. I feel the same hopefulness,...

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Post Election: Now What?

by Betsey A. Purinton, CFP® on November 9, 2016

While the nation is adjusting to this year’s unprecedented election, it is important to take the longer view. Every four years a substantial part of the electorate is devastated by election results while an equally large number of individuals are...

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