Purse, Power and Planning: a Roundtable Discussion Just for Women

October 10, 2013 12:00 am

Betsey A. Purinton, CFP®

Managing Partner & Co-CIO

Betsey Purinton, CFP® (Managing Director and CIO) moderated   “Purse, Power and Planning: a Roundtable Discussion Just for Women” on October 9, 2013. StrategicPoint’s Women’s Planning Initiative joined forces with the Rhode Island Foundation, legal firm Partridge, Snow & Hahn, LLP and the Women’s Fund to help participants address issues on financial security, charitable giving and legacy planning. Attendees, seated in women’s circles, voiced concerns and shared various strategies and viewpoints on the issues.

Betsey is a Founder of StrategicPoint’s Women’s Planning Initiative, an educational effort designed to help women become – and stay – financially independent. WPI caters to the unique needs of successful women who often face the challenges of handling their own finances.  It was created to educate women about financial choices and empowering them to make more competent, knowledgeable decisions.


“I believe women learn best when they are given an opportunity to share their own experiences. Conversations at roundtable discussions can become personalized and enable participants to feel that their concerns are not isolated.” said Betsey Purinton, CFP®.


Betsey Purinton, CFP® is Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at StrategicPoint Investment Advisors in Providence and East Greenwich. You can e-mail her at bpurinton@strategicpoint.com.

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