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Retirement Plan Advisor Services

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StrategicPoint partners with you, the plan sponsor, to help manage, monitor and select the investments in your company’s retirement plan (401k, 403b, etc.). We also provide education for your employees about retirement while helping them make prudent investment decisions.

Service Highlights

Plan Review

We evaluate your plan’s current investments for return, risks and expenses and compare it to other options that may be available.

Investment Policy Statement

We develop an Investment Policy Statement that is consistent with ERISA §404(c) and drafted in accordance with the fiduciary standards applicable to qualified retirement plans.

Investment Selection

We provide an appropriate range of asset classes or investment categories that will satisfy the “broad range” criteria of the Department of Labor regulations and that is consistent with the investment needs of your employees.

Investment and Plan Monitoring

We continue to subject your plan’s funds to a comprehensive performance attribution analysis to ensure that each investment continues to demonstrate the performance and asset class characteristics that it was selected to provide.

Plan Sponsor Meetings

We conduct annual (or more frequent, if necessary) meetings with the plan sponsor to review the performance of the plan’s investments. StrategicPoint will also analyze all costs associated with the investments, administration, and metrics of the plan. Meeting minutes will be provided for the plan sponsor’s due diligence file.

Managed Portfolios

We create managed investment portfolios as part of the plan menu of investment options.  The managed portfolios allow employees the opportunity to choose a diversified investment solution that is designed to match their goals, risk tolerances and time horizons.

Education for Employees

We conduct at least one educational meeting annually in the form of a seminar for all employees. In addition, we provide customized versions of our weekly client email covering important stock market, financial and economic events.
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Financial Wellness Workshops

Learn More About Our Workshops

StrategicPoint is pleased to offer Financial Wellness Workshops to organizations like yours.